Thailand Colon Cleansing & Yoga Retreat

“Transform your health with a luxurious holiday in
in Thailand , lose 3-6 kilos, practice yoga, enjoy
the sun, and return home feeling 10 years younger!”

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of feeling bloated, run down, and over-worked, than this very well may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

My name is Jeanne Chung, and about 5 years ago, I discovered colon hydrotherapy and it completely changed my life!

I’m a yoga teacher, a vegetarian, and a very open-minded person, but I had no idea that my body was filled with toxic sludge! And once I got that junk out of my system, I looked and felt like a brand-new person!

Here’s what the Ultimate Detox can do for you!
FAST, SAFE WEIGHT LOSS (up to 1 kilo per day)
Did you know that our bodies naturally burn fat easily and efficiently? The problem is that a toxic body is chemically imbalanced making it next-to-impossible to control your weight.

Get this: after just 2 days on the Ultimate Detox, you can feel your biochemistry normalizing and your excess weight just naturally burns off!
If you think you inherited your bad skin from your mother, you’re probably wrong! the reality is that you and your mother most likely eats the same kinds of foods, use the same kinds of skin products, and suffer from the same kind of toxic build up and allergic reactions.

How would you like to glow like a bride on her wedding day? By day 3 of the Ultimate Detox, you’ll have flushed out most of the gunk blocking your pores, and with the help of our herbal steam room and detoxifying facials, your skin will look incredible!
If you suffer from bloodshot, hazy eyes, it’s usually a telltale sign of toxicity. But when your blood is clean, your eyes will naturally go pure white and you’ll look so healthy! By day 2 of the cleanse, you’ll see what I mean.
Our digestive system is like the engine of a car. You can fill it with cheap gasoline and junk oil and it’ll still run, but it’s going to stutter and putt and eventually break down.

With your gastrointestinal tract, the same holds true. If you’ve been eating B-grade foods for a long time, your digestive system is seriously (if not severely) impaired.

That means it’s time to turn on your digestive fire with The Ultimate Detox. This cleanse is designed specifically to increase your ability to absorb and process nutrients and speed up your elimination system.

After you’ve finished your cleanse, you’ll be amazed at how flat and calm your belly feels after a meal. No more bloated gut, no more upset stomach!
When youre toxic, you need coffee or a Coke just to get through the day; but clean-bodied people can skip the caffeine and literally feel a buzz from a fresh mango shake! If you think I'm exaggerating here, wait until your first day after the Ultimate Detox (when you start eating fruits again). Move over Starbucks!
Did you know that 89% of the population struggles with their weight & health on a daily basis! Have you ever heard of a chemical imbalance? Toxins screw up your metabolism and hormones causing chronic weight problems, digestive issues, and even psychological conditions. And it gets worse ... and exercise are NOT
the solution for everyone!

Doctors and health professionals are always telling you to exercise more and eat less but for many people, that just doesn’t work! You exercise and count calories; and still, you can’t seem to get rid of that extra weight on your belly, hips, and thighs... Sound familiar?

Here’s the bad news: there’s a very good chance that your body’s toxic load (the amount of toxins in your system) is off the charts, making it virtually impossible for you to look and feel your best.

It’s not your fault you feel so bad!

Even babies need to detoxify! U.S.A. researchers conducted tests on the umbilical cords of 10 newborns in 2004 and discovered an average of 200 toxic chemicals including:
  • Pesticides
  • Food Additives
  • Wastes from burning coal & gasoline
  • Teflon chemicals (non-stick pans)
  • Flame retardants
  • Varnish & paint byproducts
  • Plus 193 more!
These are newborn babies, so just imagine what’s inside your body after all these years! The chemical pollutants listed above are toxic to the brain and nervous systems, and many are severe carcinogens.


You Must Know Before Your First Cleanse!

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Where do all these
toxins come from anyway?

Here’s what’s going on: each day, you’re inundated with polluted air, impure water, chemical additives in foods, and radiation from electronic devices.
In an ideal world, your body would naturally cleanse itself; but when we work too much, sleep too little, and skip-out on exercise, TONS of this toxic goop gets stuck in your digestive track and buried deep down in your body’s fatty tissues.

This is disgusting.

The average person has 3-6 kilos
of hardened fecal matter in their colon!

Remember that McDonald’s Big Mac you ate back in 1997? And the chocolate bars you snack on at the office? And what about those onion & vinegar-flavored crisps that you just can’t seem to give up

Some that junk food is probably still in your gut, hardened and rotting, and making you feel like a crap! And no matter how many prunes or apples you eat, that stuff isn’t coming out anytime soon!

And that’s the magic of
professional colonic irrigation!

Let me be clear about something: colon hydrotherapy is not an enema!

Enemas are a very superficial way to clean the last 20 centimeters of the colon; and while this is great for someone with constipation, it does nothing to get rid of that hardened fecal matter in your gut that’s making you look and feel like a whale!

Professional colonic irrigation is different! Our custom-built colonic beds are modeled after the U.S. FDA approved medical-grade systems used in hospitals. You lie down, and 20-30 liters of warm water is gently flushed into and out of the entire length of your colon.

This is safe, natural, and pleasant experience!

Finally! An all-natural, medication-free way to cleanse your body, and begin with a fresh start! Professional colonic irrigation gives your insides an all-natural, cleanse, removing hardened fecal matter!

It sounds strange, I know, but when you see what comes out of you, you’ll understand why this is so important and why you now feel so amazing!

Colon cleansing is not something you’ll hear about over lunch with your co-workers, but it is something that thousands of people do all the time.

Colonic irrigation for detoxification
and weight loss was practiced by ancient
Egyptians thousands of years ago!

But here’s what’s new: modern advances in natural health and wellness have allowed us to take colon hydrotherapy and detoxification to a whole new level!

The Ultimate Detox difference:
100% Organic Nutritional Supplements (imported from USA) you won’t believe this, but some cleansing centers try to save money by giving their guests the same kinds of supplements you could find in any pharmacy. This is crazy! We personally consult with our supplement providers to ensure that everything you’re taking to pure, organic, and free of any additives.
Medical-Grade Colon Hydrotherapy Beds
At Absolute Sanctuary, we use U.S. FDA-style colonic hydrotherapy tables that are 100% hygienic, extremely comfortable, and twice as effective as the traditional bucket & hose systems used at most centers.
Fulltime Detox Specialist
Over 80% of our guests are new to detoxing, so we know that you’re going to have questions. Our detox specialist is on-site every day to map out a successful program for you and to give you advice and guidance along the way!
Registered Nurses on Staff
Detoxifying your body is a safe, simple process, and our specially-trained nurses are here to support you during your cleanse.
The Ultimate Detox is a lot of fun, too! This is going to sound weird, but I love detoxifying my body, and I do a 7-day Ultimate Detox once every 3 months!


I live in a big city. I work long hours. Sometimes I don’t make the best food choices, and that’s life! The good news is, with the secret power of full-body detoxification at my disposal, I can now turn back time, cleanse and refresh my body whenever I want to!

  1. Do you wake up with terrible breath in the morning?
  2. If you forget to wear deodorant, is your body odor strong?
  3. Do you regularly feel constipated and bloated?
  4. Are there dark circles under your eyes most days?
  5. Do you find it almost impossible to shed that extra flab around your midsection, hips, and thighs?
  6. Do you eat at restaurants more than 4 times per week?
  7. Do you drink 3-5 (or more) alcoholic beverages per week?
  8. Do you have silver (amalgam) dental fillings?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the questions above, there’s a good chance that your toxic level is extremely high and The Ultimate Detox is exactly what you need to turn things around. Let me explain:
Smelly breath and body odor is sure sign of bacteria, yeast, and fungus overgrowth in the body.
Constipation, bloating, and upset stomach usually signal a compromised gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small intestine, colon).
Dark circles under your eyes (and bloodshot eyes) are often a sign of high toxin levels in the blood.
Your big belly can be caused by impacted fecal matter literally clogged up and putrefying inside your colon.
99% of restaurants (even expensive ones) use toxic oils that block cell respiration and make your skin look old and wrinkled.
Alcohol is a mild poison and the more of it you drink, the less energy the body has to rid itself of other toxins in you system.
Sliver (amalgam) fillings are 50% mercury and 50% other metals. Mercury is a neurotoxin and can be devastating to your health if it seeps out into your bloodstream.


You Must Know Before Your First Cleanse!

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“I couldn’t believe that THIS was what
detoxing was like, I mean, I felt like
I was in heaven!” - Mira, San Francisco (USA)
07:00 1st detox drink at pool juice bar
07:30 Meditation session at Yoga Center (optional)
08:00 Colon hydrotherapy session at detox center
09:00 Herbal supplements
11:00 2nd detox drink at pool juice bar
13:00 Herbal supplements
13:30 Massage treatment at the Spa (optional)
15:00 3rd detox drink at pool juice bar
17:00 Herbal supplements
19:00 4th detox drink at pool juice bar
19:30 Movie of the day at the Absolute Mini-Theatre (optional)
21:00   Herbal supplements

Q: I’ve never done any kind of detox or fasting program before will I be able to do this?
  A: 80% of our guests have never done any kind of cleanse before, but because our programs are custom-tailored to meet your needs, over 98% of our guests are successful!
Q: Won’t I starve with no food for 7 days?
  A: I too hate feeling hungry, so I can tell you from experience that it’s really not a big deal! After the first day, most people hardly feel hungry at all. Remember, our bodies are genetically designed for cleansing like this. It’s part of our nature. Remember, too, you’ll be drinking detox drinks throughout the day (made with fresh juice) along with an effective set of nutritional supplements that curb hunger (naturally) and allow your body to cleanse.
Note: For those who really do just need to eat, we are happy to adjust your program by adding in Living Foods or Vegetarian Foods and you can still experience a powerful cleanse!
Q: Is this one of those weird new age places?
  A: Absolute Sanctuary not weird at all. It’s a lovely resort with guests from all over the world and all walks of life. We have bankers and bartenders, yoga teachers and school teachers in any given week. Everyone is welcome, and it’s a very friendly place where you’ll meet new friends and feel at home immediately.
Q: I feel a bit embarrassed about the idea of a colonic. Is it embarrassing?
  A: It’s not embarrassing at all! It’s sort of like getting a check-up with your doctor. Our colon hydrotherapists are registered nurses and extremely professional. Our treatment rooms are completely private and are equipped with a full bathroom, so you’ll have total privacy.
Note: For those who want total privacy, we do have two exclusive suites with an en-suite, private colonic treatment bed installed in the bathroom.
Q: What if I just can’t do it?
  A: We have a 98% success rate with our guests because we custom-tailor our program to meet your needs. Obviously, an 82 kg rugby player is going to have different needs than a 41 kg flight attendant. Our staff are experts, and they’ll adjust and modify as needed to give you the maximum benefits.

left her banking career in 2002 to open Bangkok’s first Hot Yoga studio. It was an instant success, and the years since then have been a mad dash trying to keep up with the enormous demand for yoga in Asia. 

With 7 Thailand studio and 2 Singapore locations, Absolute Yoga is now one of the largest studio groups in the world, and yet each studio feels so personal and unique. Khun Ben hires all her teachers herself, practices with them, and even teaches classes when time permits. Absolute Yoga is more than a business; it’s become a way of life. 

“The idea behind Absolute Sanctuary is really simple,” says Khun Ben. “In the city, it’s difficult to stay balanced, keep fit, sleep enough, and live healthfully. Here on Samui, it just feels natural to cleanse your body and rejuvenate, so I wanted to create a really beautiful place where people can leave their busy lives for more than just a 90-minute yoga class, and really make some big changes.”

met Benjaporn at a yoga teacher training in 2002, and together they formed Absolute Yoga Singapore in 2004. Originally from the U.S., Jeanne fell in love with yoga immediately and left a career in banking to teach yoga and eventually open what is now one of Singapore’s longest-running and most-loved studios.

Jeanne is a teacher’s teacher who works closely with all her staff, leads teacher training programs, and still finds time to attend workshops and courses with some of the world’s leading teachers such as David Swenson, Shiva Rea, and Baron Baptiste.

“My students were always asking me where they could go to do a detox program,” says Jeanne. “I’ve been doing fasting and cleansing programs for years, but the standards at most facilities were just so low! So I decided to create a place that was hygienic and beautiful… so my students could come, recharge, and leave feeling like a new person. I think we’ve done it!”


JANA BRAUER Originally from Berlin, Germany, Jana came to Koh Samui in 2005 and encountered her first yoga class with Absolute Yoga, which formed a strong passion that propelled her on her yoga journey. Strongly drawn to Hot Yoga, a regular practice helped her tremendously to get over her back issues that she had been suffering for almost 20 years. After a committed practice, Jana decided to become a teacher & started her training with Absolute Yoga’s Hot Teacher Training Program in 2007. From there she has trained under various teachers such as Harreson Martell, Shaun Hannocks, Lieve Powell, Desiree Rumbaugh, Elise Collins, Lauren Slater, Dina Amsterdam, Simon Low and became certified as Yin Yoga teacher in 2009 by Victor Chng.

Jana has a gentle approach to teaching, enabling her students to move in a rhythm that guides them mindfully with their breath. Every student is given room to nurture their body and mind in an atmosphere of safety and comfort, creating a state of balance and harmony within. Jana’s intention is to focus on each student’s individual needs, bringing their awareness to the alignment of the physical body and helping them achieve an inner balance on both the physical & mental/emotional level.

NAPASSAWAN SAIYING (MON) Mon started practicing and studying yoga in 2004 and was certified in Moksha yoga in June 2005 under Ted Grand and Vinyasa Flow in September 2010 under Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, the founder of Frog Lotus Yoga. She started teaching with Absolute Yoga Group at its various yoga studios in Bangkok in October 2005 and since then has attended various yoga workshops with numerous well known teachers including Paul Dallaghan, Desiree Rumbaugh, Duncan Wong, Jonas Westring, Paul Grilley, Matthew Sweeney and Bo Srey.

Yoga has become a lifelong passion for Mon that continues to open her to life's amazing possibilities. As she deepens her practice, she recognizes the profound, positive and rewarding impact that yoga has on her physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Mon's teaching style is unique, strong, fun and inspiring.

All our rooms are rooms are elegantly fitted with oversized comforters, en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, ceiling fan, a desk, a safe, a mini-fridge, hair dryer, telephone, and a small terrace where you can relax and enjoy the view (most rooms have sea views).

The Sanctuary SUITE
These exclusive rooms are gorgeous… each suite exudes luxurious tranquility with a king-size, four-poster bed, a Morrocan-style sitting room with oversized cushions, huge windows, and an elegant, hand-tiled bathroom with an option for either a private bathtub or an en-suite colon hydrotherapy bed.

Check Room Availability & Make a Reservation

Sanctuary DELUXE
When you’re looking for a special getaway… our deluxe rooms feature kind-size beds, stunning sea views, and hand-tiled bathrooms. The light is amazing, and the cool offshore breezes make these rooms a favorite in the mornings and evenings.

Check Room Availability & Make a Reservation

Sanctuary SUPERIOR
Cozy comfort… our superior rooms have either a sea or pool view and have the option of either one queen-size bed or two twin beds (perfect for friends traveling together). Enjoy amazing light, hand-tiled bathrooms, oversized comforters, and Moroccan-style elegance.

Check Room Availability & Make a Reservation


At Absolute Sanctuary, we want our guests to enjoy themselves, try new activities, and leave feeling transformed! Our facilities are designed specifically to create an environment for rejuvenation. Take a look……

The Yoga Studio
Yoga is such a fun and powerful way to cleanse your body and exercise. Our studio is nestled up against a hill that looms over the Gulf of Thailand. The light is amazing, and there’s always a breeze. We offer 29 classes per week led by 1 of our 3 fulltime teachers. All classes are conducted in English, and beginners are welcome every day.

Infinity Swimming Pool
We all know the healing powers of the sun and water, and our beautiful swimming pool overlooking to Gulf of Thailand is an ideal place to sit and take it all in. We have a fulltime juice bar with blended drinks, healing elixirs, snacks, and fresh goodies.

Absolute Spa
It’s one thing to have a nice rub down, but it’s another thing altogether to experience the healing hands of a truly gifted Thai masseur. That’s what we love and what we offer our guests.

Our treatment specialists are trained in Thai massage, reflexology, essential oils, deep tissue, body balancing, traditional herbs, and beauty treatments.

The Love Kitchen
Our menu was created with two main objectives: to use the healthiest ingredients on the planet (no matter what) and to make food that tastes amazing!

We’ve carefully trained our team in the art of healthy cuisine, detoxifying foods, and the magic of a truly divine meal! From our BBQ sauce to our granola, everything is handmade using only whole food ingredients, cold-pressed oils, sea salt from Thailand, hand-picked local produce (organic, whenever possible), whole wheat flour and nutrient-dense superfoods (like spirulina and flaxseeds).

Everyone wants to be thinner, more
energetic  & healthier… the Ultimate Detox
makes it so easy, and that’s what I really love!

Imagine this… you join The Ultimate Detox for 7 Days, and as you’re losing weight and cleansing your body from the inside out, you meet interesting people from all over the world, you get a midday massage (every day!), and spend 1 or 2 hours relaxing and reading by the pool in the late afternoon.

After the sun goes down, you can catch a yoga class, have a juice, and watch an art film in our air-conditioned movie room. Later, you enjoy a long, deep sleep with offshore breezes blowing outside your room, and then you wake up the next morning and do it all over again…

… sound nice? 

If you’re looking for a pampered, rejuvenating holiday, then you’ve come to the right place. Absolute Sanctuary is now my favorite place to unwind, detox, and connect with other like-minded people.

I’m so proud of what we’ve created, and I hope to meet you soon on Koh Samui!

In health,

Jeanne Chung
Absolute Sanctuary & Yoga Center

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You Must Know Before Your First Cleanse!

Free report. Instant Download.

Privacy: we hate spam and will keep your email address 100% private.


You Must Know Before Your First Cleanse!
Free report. Instant Download.

Privacy: we hate spam and will keep your email address 100% private.

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